Welcome to
The Fortunaa Avenue

The Fortunaa Avenue is a splendid fusion of manner and stuff and greet gusts to a vibrant aerosphere with graphic, moderate, dapper designs and let them slide into the lustrous place with homely and accomodating favor.

Hotel Services

We aim to redefine a new dimension of luxury and relaxation.

The Fortunaa Avenue Activities are those little extras that make your stay much more enjoyable. It’s about providing yourself with a gateway, complete with all the features that’ll make your stay a pleasant and memorable experience.

The Full Moon

Club & Restaurant

Luxury dining at The Fortunaa Avenue is undoubtedly a vision to behold, because of the fact of the harmonious scents and textures that simultaneously challenge and soothe your senses! As a true fine dining experience, The Fortunaa Avenue includes some eye-widening element of surprise in their menu, presentation, atmosphere, and flavours that startle the stomach.

Events &

We are for every occasion!
There is an option to suit all at The Fortunaa Avenue Hall, from an intimate wedding for just a handful of conferences to a lavish party for hundreds. As we believe every occasion day should be a totally unique and personal experience.

Fitness & Gym

Bring wellness into your lifestyle with The Fortunaa Avenue Fitness Gym. You can choose what kind of fitness equipment you want for your workouts and match that with staying at The Fortunaa Avenue.


A perfect escape from a busy schedule and the rush of a busy schedule and the rush of a bustling city. Spa at The Fortunaa Avenue has a magnificent ambiance, perfect for total relaxation. Specially curated treatments are performed by skilled therapists in private rooms with self-heating massage beds, a private relaxation area, an ensuite aromatic steam shower, and a washroom.

Additional Services

We are geared towards the fulfilment of the needs of any discerning guest and below you can find an additional services overview of the most commonly-used services and facilities offered by The Fortunaa Avenue.

  • Bathroom with Shower

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Power Backup

  • Laundry House

  • Housekeeping

  • CCTV/Security

  • Dry Cleaning

  • Parking Facility

  • Hot/Cold running water

  • Room Service

  • Safety Lock-ups

  • Fire Estinguishers